These Former Googlers Created An AI Tool To Improve Crappy Resume Writing

By Lydia Dishman

“Resumes suck,” declares Richard Liu, cofounder and CEO of So Liu, Google’s former head of engineering at Project Fi, set out to fix it with fellow Google vet Yunkai Zhou.

Your resume is essential to your job hunt, but recruiters and hiring managers spend as little as six seconds scanning it to decide if you’ll get an interview.

No wonder there is a surfeit of advice on gaming resumes to stand out–whether you concentrate on the part recruiters tend to look at first, trim it to the perfect, readable length, and upgrade it for maximum impact.

Liu says that part of the problem lies in the job search itself. The resume is a vehicle for a job seeker who’s actively scanning multiple openings and is usually tailoring their resume to suit whatever the job description requires. With the help of AI, he contends, it’s possible to create both a more intelligent resume for recruiters to use and more intelligent job search for the applicant.

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