3 Ways to make yourself more employable by using Pinterest

Pinterest is a unique form of social media site which allows users to ‘pin’ almost anything from the web to a number of customised boards. These boards are then visible to friends found through the site and individual posts can be liked, commented on or reposted. Pinterest has simply soared in popularity this year. In its early stages, it has grown more quickly than web giants such as Facebook and Twitter but how can this new online phenomenon help find you a job?

1)  • Spend time on your account and make sure it reflects the attributes and goals which you have. Like any social media site, Pinterest is heavily time centric and the amount of time people spend on your account will heavily influence their overall opinion of it. Make sure you give your account the dedication it deserves and never be tempted to rush your collections as your haste will be reflected in your work, reducing its quality.

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100 Top Pinterest Boards for Job Search in 2014

Where to find the best job search resources on Pinterest this year.

As Pinterest continues to grow, these pinboards have become the best places to find the latest and greatest tips and resources for job searching.

Some are managed by companies and websites, others are pinned by job search experts and some are just people who have done a great job collecting bookmarks:

13. Job Search by The Daily Muse (7,679 followers)

24. 007 Job Interview Etiquette by 007 Marketing (5,522 followers)

31. Resume Tips by ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc (4,609 followers)

38. Cover Letters by CAREEREALISM (4,000 followers)

68. Job Search Articles by Sheilah Head (1,561 followers)

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Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job Search

Where to find the best job search resources on Pinterest.

Why use Pinterest for your job search?

Well, if you saw our previous article about The Best Pinterest Job Search Tips From The Experts, you already know about using it to make a visual resume, to show off your achievements (as a work portfolio) or just to be inspired.

With all that in mind and more, these are 100 most popular job search-oriented boards on Pinterest:
Latest update: March 18, 2013

1. Job Search Resources by RazorEdgeResumes.com Writing Service (6,030 followers)
2. Job Search/Jobs/Resumes/Employment by Lisa Simpkins (4,383 followers)
3. Promo Portfolio Resume by Kathy McGraw (4,088 followers)
4. 007 A+ for the Resume by 007 Marketing (2,771 followers)
5. Job Search Info – Post to this board by Better Resume Service (2,800 followers)
6. Job Search Related Resources by Better Resume Service (2,784 followers)
7. 007 Social Job Search Circle by 007 Marketing (2,613 followers)
8. 007 Job Interview Etiquette by 007 Marketing (2,584 followers)
9. resume by Eva Morell (2,483 followers)
10. Job Interview Looks by Glamfoxx.com (2,317 followers)
11. Job Search by CAREEREALISM (2,237 followers)
12. Todo sobre entrevistas de trabajo / All about job interview by Alfredo Vela (2,144 followers)
13. Job Applications and Interviews by TES Teaching Resources (2,124 followers)
14. the living resume by Rachael King (1,791 followers)
15. Professional Portfolio: Job Interview Tips, Documenting Practice, Proffessional Development Ideas/Opportunities, CV tips, Media Kit etc. by Ellen Jaye Benson (1,586 followers)

7 Pinterest Boards to Follow for Your Career

Brie Weiler Reynolds

Is it possible to get anything but hours of casual fun out of the popular pinboard site, Pinterest? As it turns out, yes. A number of great websites and organizations take to Pinterest to share their advice, ideas and insights related to careers, job searching and professional development, while managing to turn this often cumbersome activity into a more enjoyable, visual experience.
Pinterest already is a way for professionals to organize their career plans, get job search tips, and showcase their work in an interesting, visual way to employers. To jump-start your use of Pinterest for your career, here are seven of the best Pinterest boards to follow related to employment.

1. InsideJobs

This organization uses Pinterest to help people with career exploration and inspiration, including career ideas, education, career coaching and career change. With only eight boards, InsideJobs updates regularly and provides insightful, useful info for professionals, much like a pinboard career coach.

2. CareerBliss

Self-described as a “community dedicated to finding you a happier job,” CareerBliss offers a variety of useful pinboards on Pinterest. Their boards include articles related to bosses, coworkers, employers, employee benefits, company culture, work options and having fun at work.

3. BrazenCareerist

If you’re looking to become a more savvy job seeker, follow BrazenCareerist on Pinterest to find advice and tips on job searching, as well as a compilation of online job fairs, career courses you can take, and specific advice for Gen Y.


Their motto couldn’t be more true (“Because every job is temporary.”) and their Pinterest boards are a bit like job search boot camp with fun visuals. You’ll find tips for resumes, job interviews, networking, cover letters and work attire. They’ve also got recommendations for career books, work lunch ideas, office decor, vacation destinations and more.

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5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Job Search


Now that Pinterest is a full-blown cultural phenomenon, people have started considering it for uses other than inspiration for recipes, home decor and the latest fashions. And with a shaky economy and millions of people either out of work, underemployed or looking to change jobs, Pinterest is now being used as a job search tool.
At the beginning of 2012, Mashable asked, Can Pinterest Help Your Job Search?, and we’re answering “Yes!” with five ways to use Pinterest in your job search and your career development.

1. Pin Your Resume

Search for “my resume” on Pinterest, and you’ll get thousands of hits. Be more specific with your search terms (writer resume, business resume, graphic design resume) and more results pop up. Some are basic resumes with standard information and layout. Others are stylized pieces with creative layouts and catchy graphics. Most fall somewhere in between. The goal of pinning your resume to Pinterest is to get it shared throughout the site, so make sure it’s somewhat eye catching, error-free and compelling — wouldn’t you want those qualities in your resume, anyway?

2. Create a Resume Pinboard

Rather than pinning your full resume as one pin, create an entire board that represents the different parts of your resume with different pins. Pin pictures of the companies you’ve worked for, schools you’ve attended, places you’ve volunteered and hobbies you enjoy. Because Pinterest is a visual medium, it can provide a multi-dimensional representation of your two-dimensional resume. And, utilize the text box given with each pin to describe the image, how it relates to your career and why it’s important to you.

3. Follow Career Experts

If you’re in the market for some job search advice, Pinterest has a lot to offer. Sites like CareerBliss use pinboards to showcase inspiring ideas and items related to finding work that makes people happy. College career offices such as Penn State’s give tips geared towards newbies in the workforce. And The 405 Club caters to career advice for the unemployed.

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