Thursday, August 1, 2013

How To Reach Out On Twitter After Applying For A Job

By: Heather Huhman

Twitter is a great tool for job seekers. It can be used for personal branding, networking and even researching potential employers. But after you’ve submitted your resume, should you use Twitter to reach out to the hiring manager and follow-up on your application? And how long should you wait to do so? Here are several expert tips about utilizing Twitter for job search follow-up:

Connection is Good, Nagging is Not

Elizabeth Poole When following up via Twitter after submitting an application or going through an interview process, the key is to engage. Nagging the corporate Twitter account with questions about your chances, or when you should expect to hear back, is really bordering on spam. Instead, build rapport with the company through social media and stand out in a positive way.  -- Elizabeth Poole,

Determine If It’s Appropriate But Don’t Push It

Alan Carniol There are appropriate and inappropriate times to reach out on Twitter. There’s nothing wrong with interacting with a company through Twitter by answering questions they pose or bringing up an important industry occurrence. You can even use Twitter as a way to follow-up after a job interview. However, don’t push it. There’s a point when tweeting a company incessantly can be seen as annoying. Use your best judgment and only reach out when there’s a reason to. -- Alan Carniol, Interview Success Formula

Job Seekers Should Use Social Media Strategically and Carefully

Josh Tolan Social media makes it easier for job seekers to connect with employers. Now, a talented job seeker can join in on a discussion or tweet a video resume out into the social stream. But this doesn’t mean social media is the right outlet for everything. When it comes to checking up on an application, the right format is often more private than a public Twitter stream. Send an email or call the employer instead of checking in with 140 characters. -- Josh Tolan, Spark Hire

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