Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Want a job at Google? VP shares 6 things to always say during interviews

Bonita Stewart 

Google VP says she always listens for these 6 things during the job interview: ‘They’re not often easy to spot’

I’ve picked up quite a bit on what to look for in a job candidate in my three decades at the helm of major businesses — and specifically, in my nearly 15 years at Google, where I’m currently vice president of global partnerships.

When it comes to hiring the right people, Google sets high standards and requirements across role-related knowledge, leadership expectations and diversified perspectives. I also apply the foundation of my value system, which came from my father, called the four Cs: Concentration, culture, courage and character. 

Of course, they aren’t often easy to spot — or, for an applicant, to display. So here are six important things I always listen for during job interviews:

1. Talk about transferable skills, experience

Depending on what position you’re applying for, you must have some sort of relevant experience. But expertise can be garnered in a number of ways, not purely academic.

Perhaps someone without a master’s degree has gained tremendous experience through interesting personal projects or hobbies, like a side hustle they started outside of work.

For example, if you’re interviewing for an entry-level marketing position, it’s okay to not have 10 marketing internships under your belt. Perhaps you organized a community service event in your hometown. Tell me about the creative strategies you used to get people to pay attention, care and participate.

2. Ask questions—lots of them

This shows natural curiosity, which is a valuable asset in just about every workplace. But move beyond questions you can easily find answers to on your own (e.g., through a Google search).

Instead, focus on coupling a fact with an open-ended question to draw out a personal perspective on a strategic topic. Consider doing this in essential areas such as strategy, product and industry positioning, nurturing high performing teams and inclusive leadership.

For example, “Your team is already performing well in [X], but what about enlisting someone to do [Y], which I believe could help improve [Z]?”

Two other questions that I wish more candidates would ask during job interviews:

  1. What does your team need that isn’t being done now?
  2. How can I contribute in ways that go beyond the job listing responsibilities?

5. Personal agility

The rapid acceleration of technology has created a work culture where business transformation is the norm. Make sure you study the company and identify what unique perspectives you can bring.

For example, I look for candidates who are eager to be helpful to our clients, so that when an industry evolves, such as news and media, we have the right talent to come up with creative strategies to meet the needs of our partners.

This is also about thinking fast, leading with innovation and readily accepting new ideas that come from everyone and everywhere.

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

4 ways to refresh your résumé | video


For many people, February can be an optimal time to hunker down and start looking for a new job. Pavithra Mohan shares 4 résumé refresh tips to help you land a job during an uncertain year.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

3 Tips On How To Gain Momentum In A February Job Search

Kourtney Whitehead

With a little planning and effort, you can make significant progress in your job search this month, attracting new opportunities and converting promising leads. But to be successful in these endeavors, you need to know what to expect so that you can get ready to adjust to the current and often-turbulent job market trends.

If you are launching or continuing a job search in February, here’s how you can focus your efforts to continue to make traction and achieve your goal of getting a new job in 2021.

1. Create a sustainable routine so you can outlast your competition

By February, many people that set out to get a new job in 2021 are already losing steam.

While January is an obvious time to launch a job search, as you are often propelled by the optimism for a new year, it is also one of the hardest months to get noticed in. The candidate supply is at its highest while many organizations are only just beginning to open up positions and rethink their hiring needs.

And it’s fair to say that this January’s job market took the dynamic to new heights, as US unemployment rates continued to stagnate, and new job openings were spotty.

However, the situation will begin to shift in February when many job seekers, especially those who are already employed and who have a more passive approach to their job search, begin to lose steam and refocus on the demands of daily life, often allowing their job search efforts to stop completely or go cold.

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Friday, February 5, 2021

I Envy Me

















To misquote Spinal Tap “I envy me”

Today is my last day at Apple.  It has been nearly 15 years since I first came on board as contract recruiter.  

It has been quite the adventure.  The iPhone was announced the day after I converted from a contractor to an employee.  I’ve been able to help open Apple Stores in multiple countries and recruit for multiple roles for our stores and other groups within Apple.  Working for Apple is something that I’d recommend to anyone.

While the work has been rewarding it is the people that I work with and have worked with that come to mind the most.  Over the years there have been weddings, babies, graduations, and now pandemics.  I was going to try to thank each of them and let them know what they have meant to me over the years but I know I’d forget someone and they’d maybe think that they didn’t mean as much to me but that wouldn’t be true.

So what’s next… Well, i think I picked the wrong date to retire as the high temp at home will be 5 above for the first week but I’ve got the indoor bike and treadmill ready to go as well as the cross country skis as I need to drop some weight so I can stick around for a while.  Hopefully get the magic vaccine shot so I can go visit the parents, brother, and sister who are scattered about.  Maybe head to FLA to see the in-laws.  I’m thinking a trip to CA in 2022 and try to find a replacement for Harry’s Haufbrau.

As some of you know “I’ve always wanted to a collection of my acoustic numbers with the London Philharmonic”…........ ( another Spinal Tap reference )