Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Maximize online tools while job hunting

It's tough finding a job. There are so many people looking at a limited number of openings. Fortunately, many online resources can help in your search. You'll find links to sites and services mentioned at www.komando.com/news.

Polish your resume

A flawless resume is essential. You won't land an interview with a shoddy one. Check job sites for resume tips. Have friends and family look it over.

Use a template to create a printable resume. Microsoft Word includes templates. Or, check Microsoft's site for more free templates.

Companies filter resumes using specialized software, so list specifics. Include job titles and the names of software programs you're adept at using.

Be sure to use an online tool like SpamCheck. It will check your resume for “spammy” words. While you may be proud that you graduated “magna cum laude,” it could land your resume in the virtual trash. Make certain that your resume gets past e-mail spam filters.

Also, consider taking a personality test. The Myers-Briggs Personality Sorter will highlight your strengths and weaknesses. It can steer you to a new career that suits you.

Some companies block e-mail attachments. So create a text-only version of your resume for e-mailing. Put it in the body of e-mail messages.

Avoid font formatting and special characters like bullets. Also avoid indents and complex spacing. Some sites need a text-only resume to complete applications.
Use specialized job sites

Sites like Monster and Careerbuilder post millions of jobs, but they're not the best sites for experienced job seekers.

Many of the positions are entry-level. You'll face lots of competition. Your resume could get lost in the shuffle.

Instead, use specialized job boards. You'll find fewer positions and less competition. However, competition will be better qualified. Specialized job boards feature more mid- and upper-level positions.

You'll find job boards for any field. For executive jobs, visit TheLadders. Information technology specialists should check Dice. EFinancialCareers lists financial positions, while SalesJobs specializes in sales positions. You'll find other specialized sites using Google.

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