Tuesday, December 11, 2012

6 Tips to Shorten a Job Search

By Megan Marie Sullivan

The economic outlook has been looking very grim, and can be disheartening to those of us who are trying to enter the job force for the first time. However, a savvy seeker can get into the game quickly if he or she keeps a few simple rules and tips in mind:

1. Your full-time job is to find a full-time job:

Every workplace has its standards, and so should your job search. In a competitive market, a job seeker should apply for 10-15 positions a day, and plan to follow-up with a phone call after a week. Keep an organized list of companies, positions, and contact names, as well as a calendar of appointments and interviews. Remember that time is still money (now it’s just money you are not making) so use it wisely.

2. Friends and family want to help

Often this is the key source of job leads. Human resource personnel often look for potential job candidates through their current employees, as it saves them the time of scouting and money incurred in posting job ads. One important thing to remember, however, is that they do not always do a perfect job. Sometimes family members will recommend you for a position without a clear understanding of your skills, or friends will ask you to contact a company that you do not think is a good fit. It is important to consider all leads that arrive through your primary resources, as they might stop being your job advocate if you turn down what they think is a good offer!

3. Use the Internet wisely

Specifically, take your search beyond Craigslist.org! Indeed.com and linkedin.com are great sources for job leads. Careerbuilder.com and Monster.com now allow you to create profiles so that you can apply without re-uploading your resume. Npo.net and idealist.org feature non-for-profit postings. For highly-focused searches, do a search on Google Maps for the type of company you want to work for within your desired geographic zone. From here you can find a list of websites for companies that you want to work for, and can check their career pages for job openings, or send your resume for consideration.

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