Wednesday, June 10, 2020

REVEALED: The simple keywords to use on your LinkedIn profile that will have employers coming to YOU with job offers


Whether you're looking for a new job or are open to new opportunities, an Australian careers expert has revealed how to attract employers by using 'primary and secondary keywords' on your LinkedIn profile.
LinkedIn specialist Sue Ellson said the 'most important thing' to do is find and use the right keywords to ensure your profile is seen when an employer or recruiter is searching for potential employees.
Speaking to FEMAIL, Sue said it's vital to remember that LinkedIn is a major search engine database, and so it relies on words and connections to monitor your online activity and give you priority.
Further to using keywords, Sue said it's also important to network, use the specific words to outline current or previous occupations and qualifications to make your profile stand out. 


Primary keywords (job titles) to insert at the header of your profile 
A primary keyword is usually the occupation title you are seeking or the previous job you had, such as 'Career Counsellor', 'Supermarket Stock Filler', 'Vet Nurse' or 'Retail Assistant'
Find and choose a primary keyword to use in the header of your profile
For example: a Senior Human Resources Generalist (primary keywords) with a range of specialties (secondary keywords) 
Secondary keywords (job descriptions) to insert in the description and body of your profile 
Secondary keywords relate to primary keywords and describe the occupation, experience or qualification 
These keywords in your profile will give you the best chance for coming up in search results that are aligned with your primary keywords
Describe the range of specialties and duties relating to the job - such as Organisational Development or Event Management
'Supermarket Stock Filler (primary keyword) at Coles with a range of duties involving managing supplies, ordering stock and assisting customers (secondary keywords)' 
'Vet Nurse (primary keyword) with experience in nursing horses, cows, dogs, birds, cats and rabbits (secondary keywords)' 
'Secondary School Teacher (primary keyword) with experience in event management (secondary keywords)' 
Choose secondary keywords to use throughout your profile - Read more on secondary keywords, more profile tips and the complete article

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