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10 Résumé Hacks That Are Proven To Work And 7 That'll Probably Just Send Your Application To The "No" Pile

It's about to be a new year, which means it's the best time of year to be dusting off those résumés and getting ready to take a leap in 2023 with your career. According to Business News Daily, January and February are the best months to look for a job. So, let's avoid getting dumped into the "Thank u, Next" pile and get hired right away!


Résumés seem so simple, but some hacks will actually help you advance to round two in the job application process. If you're tired of applying and feel like you are hitting a dead end, check out some of these hacks that will guarantee you receive a callback.



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A lot of articles recommend tailoring your language when describing your work experience. Resume Worded says your résumé should be "achievement-based," not responsibility-oriented. Instead of stating your job duties, mention what made you stand out in that role.


4.Meaningful File Name

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Stop turning in résumés labeled "Résumé." It's that simple. At least add your last name or the job position you are applying to.

Indeed's employment site recommends candidates keep the file name under 24 characters. A perfect example of a file name for a résumé would be Brenda-Murphy-Resume.docx or AustinStaadt-Resume.pdf. 



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No matter what, before you hit that submit button, make sure to proofread and proofread. Reading out loud will really force you to hear how you sound and can save a job application in a heartbeat.

CNBC Make It reports grammatical and spelling errors are one of the top five mistakes candidates make on their applications.

And here are some things that will definitely not move you on to the next round of the job process.



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Photos are a complete "NO" because a photo isn't needed if it's not a modeling or acting career. If you feel a photo is important, then a great workaround would be to include your LinkedIn page in a hyperlink.

LinkedIn says, "Résumé standards have changed, but photos on résumés are still rare." Unless it's necessary, photos shouldn't be on résumés.


13.Personal Information

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Maybe adding your address was useful back in the day, but employers don't need to know where you live. A city and state will suffice. Also, never include your age; recruiters shouldn't ask your age. Though there isn't a law advising against it, it could be viewed as evidence of bias.

They'll do the math from your birth year if they really want to know.


Read the full BuzzFeed Via Yahoo article for all the Hacks!





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