Monday, October 4, 2010

10 Most Asked Job Interview Questions and Great Answers

After each interview question there is a concern or an additional question. Your responsibility is to process the inquiry thinking about what the interviewer’s concern might be. In other words, why is the interviewer asking you this question?
Q1 – How long have you been looking for a job? (Concern – is there something wrong with you that other employers have picked up?)
A1 – “After I was let go from my previous job, I took the break to take a little time to assess my career goals and where I was going with my life. I have just begun my search in the previous few weeks. I have a definite objective in mind and have been selective concerning the positions I contemplate. Your business and this situation are of significant interest to me.”
Q2 – How did you get ready for this career job interview? (Concern – are you interested enough to do a little research, or are you planning to “wing it”?)
A2 – “When I found this position posted on the net ( I was instantaneously attracted. I checked out the company site as well as the mission statement, looked at the bios of company founders and executives, and was impressed. After I had the job interview appointment, I talked with associates and acquaintances in the industry. Also, I’m sure I’ll find a lot more during today’s meetings.”
Q3 – What is your salary expectation for this job? (Concern – Can we manage to pay for you? Can we get you for less than budgeted?)
A3 – “I’ll want more information with reference to the job as well as the responsibilities involved before discussing salary. Can you provide me an idea of the range budgeted intended for this position?”
Q4 – How do you keep current and knowledgeable about your job and the industries that you have worked in? (Concern – Once you get the job do you continue to learn and develop – stay challenged and motivated?)
A4 – “I pride myself on my ability to stay on top of what is happening in my trade. I do a lot of reading – the business section of the newspapers and magazines. I belong to a couple of professional organizations and network with colleagues at the conferences. I take classes and seminars whenever they are of importance, or offer fresh information or technology.”
Q5 – Tell me about a time when you had to set up and coordinate a project from start to end. (Concern – behavioral questions – looking for an instance of certain past behavior)
A5 – ” I headed up a project which involved client service personnel and technicians. I organized a meeting to get everybody together to brainstorm and get his or her input. From this business meeting I drew up a design, taking the best of the ideas. I prepared groups, balancing the mixture of specialized and non-technical people. We had a deadline to meet, so I did periodic checks with the groups. After three weeks, we ended up exceeding expectations, and were able to begin implementation of the strategy. It was a enormous team effort, and a huge achievement. I was commended by management on behalf of my leadership, but I was most proud of the team determination and cooperation which it took to pull it off.”

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