Thursday, January 6, 2011

Local Libraries Offer Help to Job Seekers

 By Todd Bavol, The Job Search Ninja.
CEO, Integrity Career Transitions
Finding work is hard enough at the moment, even if you do have access to a computer and the Internet at home and the skills to be able to find relevant online vacancies, put together a resume and cover letter and keep track of your job search. For various reasons, however, not all job seekers have both the technology and the experience to manage all of these things and so find themselves at a severe disadvantage to their competitors in the job market.
With all the convenience of the Internet and the greater availability of all kinds of reading material, local libraries are perhaps not as well-used by some as they used to be, but they too have kept up with the times and provide computer access to those who do not have access at home or work. With the rate of unemployment being of such great concern though, many have gone a great deal further than just making computers available and now provide comprehensive databases which are designed to help job seekers back into employment.
Databases such as the recently-introduced Job & Career Accelerator can either be accessed from the library or from the job seeker’s own home, so that even those who have their own computers and Internet access can still benefit from the step-by-step help and advice and the easy-to-use facility which allows them to record and monitor all of their job search activities. All that is required to access the all-in-one database is a library card, and users simply need to create their own password and set up their profile to get going.
As well as providing guidance in preparing resumes and cover letters and recording their job search, job seekers also have access to tips on networking, interviewing and improving work-related skills and even help in preparing for occupation-related exams. In addition, by completing some basic information and answering a set of questions relating to their interests and skills, they can view a selection of ideas for suitable career paths.
Although the selection of vacancies which can be viewed via the database is limited to just one job website (an aggregate jobs website), for those with limited experience of online job searching, it does provide another avenue of possibility, as well as the chance to learn how job sites work, so that the individual can then expand his or her search to similar or even more specialized sites.
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