Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Job seekers turning to Facebook

You would think that job seekers would cling to LinkedIn because it’s a professional networking site, while Facebook is more for family and friends. But a new research report from Jobvite says that the opposite is true: 48 percent of job seekers have used Facebook in their job search, while only 26 percent have used LinkedIn. Job seekers are receiving more referrals and have filled out their profiles more completely on Facebook than they do on LinkedIn.

Overall, one in every six workers used social networks to get hired this year.  Here are three tips on how to better utilize Facebook to land the job of your dreams:

Focus on your current friends
Instead of trying to build your network on Facebook, try and leverage the relationships you already have. Most job seekers are either too afraid to ask for support or don’t want people knowing that they are job searching in the first place. You need to let people know what you’re looking for if you want them to help you.

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