Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Resume Error #1: Believing Your Resume Will Get You the Job

And the Number 1 Resume Wrong is … believing your resume will get you the job.

You should view your resume as a tool, but your resume is only one of many tools that you will need for your job search.

A great resume cannot guarantee you will be hired. Resumes are not meant to get you the job, they are meant to get you an interview. No one is ever hired based on their resume alone. This doesn’t mean your resume isn’t important, if your resume is poor you won’t even make it to the interview stage, so in that sense you could say a poor resume might prevent you from getting the job.

An effective resume should highlight your credentials and the skills that match the opening. This is the information that the hiring manager or recruiter needs to determine if you should be called in for an interview. This is why I encourage you to keep your resume simple and on point. Many job seekers make the mistake of trying to anticipate and include answers to all the possible questions they might be asked in an interview in their resumes. I cannot say this enough: Your resume is not meant to tell your life story!

My point here is that you shouldn’t put so much effort into your resume that you neglect other steps in the job search. You should put equal or as much emphasis on your interviewing skills. I don’t care how great your resume is; you must ace the interview, or it’s over. Stay tuned for some interviewing tips next time!

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