Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Diagnosing the Symptoms of an Ineffective Job Search Plan

There is no question: searching for a job can be a frustrating and discouraging affair. But a lack of available jobs and increased competition may not always be the cause of a failed job search. A lack of progress here may indicate a need to rethink your approach. In fact, there are several suggestive signs that your search methods may need a drastic overhaul.

Scenario 1 – You are snagging interviews by receiving no offers:
A lack of job offers after multiple interviews is often a telltale sign of ineffective or out-of-date interviewing techniques. Identifying your weaknesses in this regard is a necessary step in improving upon them. The best approach in determining problem areas is to practice interview questions with a friend or by participating in mock sessions at a career center or with a job coach.

Scenario 2 – You’re ambitions are out reach your experience:
While setting high goals is necessary in improving yourself planning your career, the goals must also remain realistic. Lacking the appropriate qualifications for the jobs to which you are applying can be a big time waster and demoralizer. Before applying for that dream job, build the experience necessary to perform the job at a high level.

Scenario 3 – You focus too much on job descriptions as opposed to companies:
Don’t simply search for jobs based on their function, but research companies to find the ones where you want to work. Finding those specific firms of particular interest creates the conditions for a more focused job search.

Scenario 4 – You are discouraged and hopeless: Complete article with more symptoms and cures

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