Thursday, May 3, 2012

The 101 Best Twitter Job Search/Career Experts Plus 8

Note: This list has been updated numerous times, and I will continue to update it.
March 15, 2012, is the date of the latest update, which was a major revision.

This is my #Follow Friday list, consolidated and broken up by category. I’ve tried very hard not to leave off anyone who is making a great contribution, and agonized about leaving off several to keep the number to 101 of the most useful.

And, there are many other popular Twitter accounts which provide a mix of content with “personality” and they are not included here. But, they could still be useful to you – it just depends what you want.

Job Search
@alisondoyleAlison Doyle
@BillVickBill Vick
@chrisrussellChris Russell
@CornOnTheJobRich DeMatteo
@heymarciMarci Alboher
@JacobShareJacob Share
@JobAngelsMark Stelzner
@JobHuntOrgSusan P
@JobSearchNinjaTodd Bavol

Complete List Of Experts In Areas Such As:

Career Coaches
Career Management
Job Interviews
New Graduates
Personal Branding & Social Media
Recruiters, Recruiting, & HR
Resumes/Resume Writers
Social Media 

Of Course I have to add in my @LinkedinAdvice profile and

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