Monday, July 30, 2012

The Job Search Never Ends


For the many job seekers who have recently landed a job…CONGRATULATIONS- it isn’t over though. The economy is unstable still. Employer loyalty is dead. You never want to be caught flat footed again. In order for you to feel like you have control over your career, you need to constantly keep your eyes open for you next great gig!
I realize most of you do not want to hear this, nor will you probably read this. Denial is dangerous and hope is not a strategy. One of the most sought-after job qualities issecurity. I am afraid to tell you this, but…most jobs no longer offer this benefit. However, you can take control by implementing some or all of these suggestions.

Monitor Job Postings on Job Boards

The easiest method of monitoring job postings to create alerts via the job boards. Do this. However, before you invest time applying for that job, contact someone you know inside the company and ask for an update on the status of the job.

Keep In Contact with People You Met

While you were active in your job search, you undoubtedly met many new people. Set up a system to keep in contact with the most influential folks.  You can invite key people for coffee to catch up, shoot them an email, invite them to an event, forward them an interesting article or book review, congratulate them on their success or their company’s success. Look for ways to keep in touch and do this regularly. Does it take time? Absolutely. But keeping your network alive is crucial in developing career insurance.
Hopefully you added them to LinkedIn because this can make it easier to implement your system. Remember, not everyone uses LinkedIn regularly or is as competent as you are in using it. It may not be a primary source for their communication.
Don’t forget to include:
  • The people you interviewed with who turned you down
  • Recruiters
  • Past colleagues
Whatever you do, continue to network!

Join a Professional Association

Now that you are employed, you have more money. Invest in yourself and your professional development by joining a professional association in your field. Your new employer may even offer to cover that membership. Let them know you are joining and ask if they may be willing to pay for your membership. (You will never know unless you ask.) Be sure to put your request in terms that would benefit your employer such as: it will provide good PR for the company, you’ll be able to bring back new ideas and information, you’ll understand what the competition is doing, etc.

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