Thursday, August 9, 2012

Old School Job Search and Career Management


In a land long ago when typewriters were still manufactured by IBM, when three-piece suits were standard attire in offices large and small, and when the stock of your resume actually made a difference to many recruiters and hiring managers, job search was very different than today. No LinkedIn to “easily” identify hiring managers, no Twitter to share pithy-140’s, no YouTube to post “authentic branding” videos, and certainly no Facebook on which to place photos of you dancing in your birthday suit while simultaneously playing beer pong. And then there were “the rules”…and the scary Human Resources gatekeepers….and Career Services “experts”…

Can you imagine what job search was like back when dinosaurs were roaming the Earth? You know…before the Internet? OMG and #ShutUp!

I’m guessing it’s time to talk about some of the “old school” methods that candidates can use to find great opportunities.  So this week’s #HFchat is going to focus on what things you can do to manage your career – even when the Internet goes down. So don’t get mad at the #Whale…get creative and get ready for the #NoFluffZone.

Old School Job Search and Career Management
Q1. Internet is down for 2 weeks – what’s the first thing you do to start a job search?
Q2. Internet is still down – how do you identify your target companies?
Q3. Yep, the Internet is still broken – how do you identify hiring managers and their needs?
Q4. OMG, no Internet again? How can you expect to effectively brand yourself as a great hire?

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