Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5 Tips For Shopping For A Job Over The Holidays

by Brittany Schlacter

The season for shopping has officially kicked into full gear. As the holiday draws closer with each passing day, shoppers are taking advantage of every spare moment to be sure no one goes without a gift. 

But when it comes to shopping for a job, it seems many job seekers retreat during the holiday season. This is because many individuals believe companies won’t be doing any hiring over the holidays, which just isn’t the case. Companies don’t shut down from November to January, therefore your chances of getting hired are just as likely, if not more likely, than any other time of year.

Job seekers should prepare to shop until they drop this season — for jobs, that is! Here are some great shopping tips to benefit your hunt for your next position:

1. Know Where You’re Headed
Expert shoppers never enter a mall without knowing which stores they’re headed to, so why would you enter your job search without any preparation? A successful job search involves a keen sense of direction that only the job seeker can provide themselves with. It’s important to know your skills and qualifications, ideal positions, and companies you’re interested in working for.
2. Create Lists

Every savvy holiday shopper makes a list and checks it twice. Well, the most successful job seekers don’t just create one list — they create several. Lists are a great way to track and manage your job search. Turn your job search around by creating detailed lists of the positions you’re applying for, companies you’d like work for, people you’d like to connect with, or even a list of your professional skills. All of these will come in handy during your hunt for the perfect job.

3. Shop Online
Many holiday shoppers are starting to take advantage of the convenience of purchasing gifts online. While you’re probably actively searching for a job online, it might be time to reevaluate your online search strategy to be sure you’re using your time wisely. Job seekers should craft strong online professional profiles to showcase their skills, utilize niche job boards, and consider blogging.

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