Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Job Search: 6 Steps To Make It More Manageable

by Vibeke Schurch

It’s that time again. You’re tired of being in that same old job, but the thought of starting to look for something new is just so daunting that you suck it up a bit longer. You come home every night complaining, only to go back and to the same the next day.

Job search doesn’t have to be that hard. The key to a successful job search is to have a well thought out plan and follow it. Follow the steps below to make your job search more manageable so you can get on with your life and get a job that serves you.

1) Have a plan
Make a plan for your job search. Set a goal of when you would like to get into a new job and what kind of job you would like. Write down all the things that need to happen for you to achieve that goal and add a timeframe to each step you have to do.

2) Get a routine
Block off time for yourself for when to do the job search and stick to it. Let other people know that during this time you’re not available. During this time, do only things that belong to your job search plan and don’t get distracted by surfing mindlessly online or getting lost on social media sites.

3) Get organized
Keeping track of all your job search records is imperative. You cannot forget that you applied for a job or who you spoke with at a company. Find a way to get organized that works for you. You can either get a binder to keep all your information about your job search organized so you can retrieve it within seconds if someone were to call you back about a job. Or, for an online solution to stay organized during your job search check out

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