Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10 Popular Twitter Hashtags for Job Seekers to Follow - 2014

Hiring managers are beginning to veer away from conventional methods of advertising job vacancies, and they are, instead, turning to social media to locate qualified candidates. Their weapon of choice? A little thing known as a hashtag. See how hashtags are a candidate’s best friend when it comes to finding a job in today’s digital age.

This probably isn’t the first time that you’ve heard of conducting a job search on social media, and you’re probably a bit reluctant to give it a shot, too; because, really, how can a site like Twitter actually help you find your dream job? Surprisingly, it happens more often than not, and here is the success story of one social-savvy professional who got hired through Instagram, of all places.

A great way to find relevant hashtags is to use, a free online service that allows users to search hashtags and verify their popularity on Twitter. This tool is useful for job seekers to see which hashtags are most effective to their job search efforts, and which aren’t. Simply type a hashtag into the search box and will generate a spiffy interactive diagram that also displays other hashtags that are closely related to the one you originally searched. Here is a list of 10 popular hashtags that job seekers are encouraged to follow during their job hunt:

1. #JobSearch or #JobHunt

2. #JobOpening

3. #Hiring or #NowHiring

#Hastags 4-10 and the complete article

I would also follow the twitter accounts of recuiters who work at the companies that you have targeted.

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