Wednesday, April 16, 2014

7 Beliefs About Your Job Search That Are All Wrong


If you’re like most job seekers, you approach your job search with a set of beliefs about how the hiring process works, what responses from employers are good signs and what responses are bad. But in many cases, those beliefs are flat-out wrong and some of them can hinder your search.

Here are seven of the most common things job seekers often get wrong about their searches.

1. “I’m qualified for this job, so I should definitely get an interview.” If you see a job description that looks like it could have been written with you in mind, it’s easy to fall into this way of thinking – you have everything they’re looking for, after all, so why wouldn’t you get a call to interview? But employers often have numerous perfectly qualified candidates, and they can’t interview all of them, which means plenty of well-qualified people will end up getting rejected without even an interview.

2. “The interview went well, so I’m likely to get a job offer.”

3. “They said I’d hear back soon, so I expect to hear from them in about a week.”

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