Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Recruiters’ 7 Top Pet Hates

When you are on the hunt for a new job, it can sometimes feel like you are walking a tight-rope/ walking on eggshells or walking in some other equally precarious hypothetical situation.

There’s an enormous amount of pressure on you at each stage of the application process, not only to fully represent your talents, skills and personal attributes, but also to avoid those pitfalls which might spell the end for your application.

Whilst it is true that the vast majority of recruiters will give your application the consideration it deserves, with such a competitive job market (and recruiters being basically spoilt for choice) employers are becoming ever more diligent about the small details. Things which in the past might have been ignored, can now mean the difference between getting a job and failure!
So to give you a little hand to avoid some of these mistakes, we have put together this quick list of things which recruiters can find very irritating.

1) Unnecessarily long winded CVs

2) Glaring Spelling Mistakes in applications

7) Bad mouthing your current or previous employer

1) Listing your oldest work experience first on your resume - It doesn't matter that you were a hall monitor in 7th grade.  Don't make me scroll halfway down the page to find the relevant information.

2) Going overboard with formatting - If you are applying to a larger company it is very likely that your resume will be scanned / parsed by an automated system.  If you have you text at odd angles or lots of boxes and graphics in your resume the system will not be able to read the text correctly.

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