Friday, May 16, 2014

5 Ideas for Job Seekers Who Think Outside the Box

Have you submitted your résumé to hundreds of jobs and gotten no response? Maybe you’ve tried networking and are disappointed in the lack of leads that ensued. There is nothing more frustrating than the rejection and indifference experienced during a job search. The following ideas may just do the trick, help you stand out and get the attention you want. These are geared toward job seekers who are ready, willing and able to put in the extra effort to secure a job and who are not afraid to try new strategies to stand out and be memorable. 

1. Show your creativity: Create an infographic résumé. 
Infographics are popular marketing tools and offer another way to present your experience. Design skills are not necessarily required. For example, if you already have a LinkedIn profile, you can convert it into an infographic using no-cost online tools such as, ResumUP or one offered by and Kelly Services, Inc. If you want to create an infographic using other data, check out Piktochart or An infographic résumé is a newer concept and you may want to see examples to generate ideas of what to include before you embark on your own. Search Google images or Pinterest, and keep in mind that an infographic isn't a substitute for a text résumé. Most recruiters prefer to see the traditional format. You can, however, use your infographic during networking meetings or as a follow-up after a meeting. Don’t forget to embed your infographic résumé in your LinkedIn profile's summary section to catch attention.

2. Don’t wait for the interview: Shoot a video.
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