Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Job Interview 101: 5 Clever Ways to Research Your Next Employer

by ComeRecommended

2. Skim Through Press Releases and Recent Company News

Search for company news or press releases that will help you understand the company’s projects, clients, announcements, community involvement, or recognition. You can typically find this information on the employer’s “about” page.

By reading company news, you’ll learn more about the company’s history and the progress it made during recent years. It’s likely the hiring manager could bring up questions relating to the company’s current projects, so learning this information can be helpful.

3. Search Quora

Many people use Quora to find an answer to practically any question. In fact, people have used Quora to ask questions about what it’s like to work at companies like Apple and Google, and have received responses from real employees.

Use Quora to ask questions such as “What is it like to work at ABC Company?” or “What does ABC Company do?” Depending on the size of the company, you might be surprised at the amount of information you find. Quora can provide you with answers that will help you better understand the company’s culture.

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