Monday, January 19, 2015

Top Five Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Hunting for a job is not the easiest thing to do. It's stressful, making it easy to rush the process. When you're not employed, it's normal to feel anxious about the future. However, think logically about the job seeking process. You want to give yourself the best chance of achieving your final goal; getting hired by a company you respect, for a position you're excited about.

Top Five Mistakes Job Seekers Make
When looking for a job, there are common mistakes made. You may be guilty of some of these mistakes without even knowing. Once you understand the most common mistakes, you can focus on areas that will ensure success. You can find a position that fits your skill set and experience, you just need to know where to look.

Mistake Four: Not researching the company
When you're approaching a company that you would like to work for, make sure you have done your research. Take the time needed in order to gain crucial information. What's the company's mission? What strengths do they display, and do you notice any weaknesses? If so, can you add something of value to those weaknesses?

Basically, do your homework. Show the company that you are driven and thorough. If you understand the vision and mission of the company, you can get much further within an interview. If you can suggest anything to benefit the company, do so. This will be sure to impress, showing that you're a forward thinker.

Mistake Five: Only have one copy of your CV
When job hunting, you'll be applying to multiple companies. Instead of blasting out tons of generic CV's, focus on specifics. Each company will be looking for different things. They will have different visions, strengths, and dynamics. When companies differ, how can you maintain one, consistent CV? This is most certainly a mistake that many individuals make.

Each CV should reflect you, relating to the company you're applying for. You want to match your CV's content with what that company is looking for. You may have a wide array of skills and experience; focus on the position you're seeking. Choose set skills and experiences, showing that you're a good match for that particular position. You should also write an informative, specific cover letter.

You can find that job you're looking for, you just need to focus. You do not, and should not settle for a position you're not thrilled to take. You spend a lot of time and energy at work, so put a lot of effort into the job hunting process. Seek out opportunity and act upon it. Avoid the most common mistakes, increasing your chances of success.

Free bonus Mistakes:
Not checking spelling in your resume and application.

Applying for jobs that you aren't even remotely qualified for.  There is a lot of competition for every position so focus your time and energy on those that you can compete for.

Being a secret agent - Tell people that you are looking for a new position.  You never know who might know of a position.  On the flip side don't have it be your only topic of conversation.

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