Tuesday, July 21, 2020

12 Job Interview Tips from a Marketing Guru


7.  Differentiate yourself. What can you do or say that’ll differentiate you from other applicants? What qualifications or experiences make you uniquely qualified for the position? Did you earn awards for superior performance or achieve great results in a similar position?

8.  Be yourself. Enjoy yourself during the interview. If you’re comfortable, you’ll make the interviewer feel at ease. It is important to note that preparing answers ahead of time does NOT mean being dishonest. It means that you took care to think through your responses before the interview took place. If you try to fake your way through the interview, believe me, it will show!

9.  Remain confident. Confidence comes with practice. Did you research the company? Have you identified possible interview questions and prepared responses? Did you determine how you’re going to differentiate yourself? What three points are you going to drive home? Most of all, remember: If you don’t know why you’d hire you, neither will they.

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