Thursday, August 6, 2020

There’s A New Job Search Site You Need To Check Out

Robin Ryan

The tech world has gained a very savvy job search website that is practically unheard of by most Baby boomers, Xers, and even Millennials. It was my twenty-something son who was looking for a sales job who showed me the Built In job search site. I took a stroll around the site, played with it quite a bit, and I was impressed. This site features high paying jobs. So, it is well worth taking a good look to see if any opportunity is a fit for you or if you want to use this continually as a part of your job hunting activities. 

Of course, you’d expect to find highly technical jobs such as Dev, Engineers, Design + UX, Data, Analytics, Project Management, Content, and Product to be here. But have you considered that this site is a great way to find jobs in Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Legal, Operations, even Internships?  

Where are the Jobs

The main Built in site advertises it has 11,735 open positions today. You can search from this main site or drill down and get more specific by job area or search by location. Eight different “sub” site locations are featured. Also, there are the REMOTE option that employers are currently hiring for too. The eight “sub”sites are in tech hub locations that included:
·        Built in Austin
·        Built in Boston
·        Built in Chicago
·        Built in Colorado
·        Built in Los Angeles
·        Built in New York City
·        Built in Seattle
·        Built in San Francisco

Search By Job Level and Industry
You can easily search for jobs at your level of experience. This is a beneficial function. The site allows you to search for:
 Entry Level jobs which had 1468;
 Mid-level jobs noting 3359 openings
Senior Level jobs that offered 7,190 positions
REMOTE only jobs with 1903 jobs

Read the rest of the Forbes article to find out who is hiring, additional searches, and alerts

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