Tuesday, October 27, 2020

11 Final Round Job Interview Questions to Prepare For

By Biron Clark 

If you’re preparing for a final round interview, this article will help immediately.

We’re going to look at three critical factors:

  • The top 11 final job interview questions to know
  • Steps for how to prepare for a final round interview and what to expect overall
  • My #1 little-known tip for how to succeed in a final interview (based on my experience as a recruiter)

Let’s get started…

11 Common Final Interview Questions and Answers

2. What are you passionate about?

This is another final round interview question designed to dig deeper into who you are as a person and what type of worker you’ll be if hired.

There isn’t one “right” answer here, but you do want to be ready to talk about something specific.

When I recruited software engineers, some would say they’re passionate about making a difference in the world or joining companies that were mission-oriented (usually some type of social mission).

But others just said they want to tackle complex technical challenges and advance their skills. They loved facing tough problems as a programmer.

One of these answers isn’t “better” than the other. The key is to share something that’s true so the interviewer can see the passion in you and believe your answer!

Don’t fake it, but do take time to think about how you’ll respond so that you’re not caught without something to say!

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3. What motivates you?

This question is similar to the one above. Essentially, the employer wants to know that you’re motivated by something other than money.

We all work for a paycheck. They know this. However, workers who also enjoy the work for other reasons are going to be more resilient, more likely to overcome struggles at work rather than quitting, etc.

So this is something a hiring manager will look for and ask questions about… especially in a final job interview.

As with the question above, there isn’t one best answer.

You can give a variety of reasons you come to work each day — from wanting to make a difference/impact in the world to simply liking the challenges that work provides. You can name many other things too. For example, you could say you enjoy being part of a team and contributing to a team’s effort.

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10. What is your desired salary?

If this is asked in a first interview, I usually tell candidates to be careful about revealing a number too soon! (And I explain why in this article).

However, if a hiring manager or other member of senior management asks this in a final interview, it’s time to name your number!

Do your research before the interview, and then confidently tell them what you are hoping to earn! Also, end your response by flipping the question on them and say, “Does that fit what you were hoping to pay? And what type of general budget have you set for the position?”

This is certainly an appropriate question to ask after responding to any interview questions about salary expectations.

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