Friday, September 24, 2010

Maryland Launches New Online Job Search Tool

Innovative, searchable web feature allows job seekers to view more than 80,000 active job openings in Maryland.

Governor Martin O’Malley announced the launch of an innovative new web tool on the Maryland Workforce Exchange program for Maryland job seekers.
The new feature harnesses the use of web “spidering technology” which aggregates every job search website, every employer website, and every job posting in Maryland creating a real-time, web-based, one-stop shop for Maryland jobs seekers.

“I share the frustration of many Marylanders whose hope for a quick recovery process is met with slower than expected job growth.  Today’s jobs report is further indication that while Maryland is moving past this national recession stronger and more quickly than other states, there is still work to,” said Governor Martin O’Malley.  “That’s why today, we’re launching a new innovative program to connect Marylanders to employment opportunities.  Job seekers in Maryland can now search 80,000 presently open and active, real-time jobs across our State.”
Since January, Maryland employers have added more than 33,000 jobs to their payrolls, including nearly 21,000 jobs added in the private sector.  It is the best job growth in a January to August period in Maryland since 2000.
The Maryland Workforce Exchange identifies every advertised Maryland job in real-time by industry, location, and how to apply.
Job seekers can not only search job postings, but can also view which areas of the state are hiring in most for a particular industry, where to get training for these jobs, and assess skills for potential careers.
Employers can specific a hiring preference for job seekers who are currently unemployed or who have exhausted unemployment benefits within the last 12 months in order to qualify for Governor’s O’Malley’s HIRE tax credit.
Click here to visit the Maryland Workforce Exchange.
Previously, similar state technology could only aggregate as many as 10,000 job openings.
The upgrades were funded by $3 million in Recovery Act investments, and $1 million dollars from the Labor Market Information Green Grant.
Individuals can register, create resumes and letters using a wizard tool, complete individual interest and skills assessments used to research potential careers, as well as search and apply for jobs with employers that post jobs on the Maryland Workforce Exchange or from external employers.
Employers can register, create job orders that include required skills and pre-screening questions via a wizard tool, search for candidates, viewing the results with ranking based upon their search specifications and automating job searches, as well as maintain their own database of favorite candidates.
Since January, Maryland employers have added 33,200 jobs to their payrolls, including nearly 21,000 in the private sector.
Maryland’s rate of job growth remains more than twice that of the rest of the nation.

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