Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where to find sample resumes

Whether your career is just starting out, or you are a seasoned professional, an essential part of your job search is developing a resume that will bring results. You may also want to present your skills, education, and experience in tailored formats for different positions. If you are on a tight budget, a resume building service can be costly. Luckily, free content is readily available on the Internet to aid in creating your resume.

*Your word processing software -Most word processing software programs have templates available for use. This includes a sampling of resumes built into the program. For instance, the MS Office offers basic, situation specific and chronological layouts.  If you are a professional salesperson, electrician, or you can also download a polished example of a resume based on your profession. These templates are editable, free, and designed for your software.
*Jobstar.org – This site offers viewable templates and tips for building your resume. You can view samples and decide which format works for you. However, these are not downloadable, but a skilled typist can recreate the format readily on their own computer.  This site can give you the basic idea of how you wish to format your skills and experience.
*Collegegrad.com – This site is designed for recent graduates and walks you through the process of finding a template based on your major. Once selected, you can download the template in the format you need. Most programs will recognize the format you need, or you can choose to “open” with a selected program.
*Exampleresumes.org – This website give a comprehensive selection of resume samples. You can choose from resumes tailored to occupations or situations. The links are quick an easy to navigate through, unlike some sites that lead you through pages of discussion before being given a link to the sample you want to view.
Beware of sites offering free samples that require a credit card. You may unexpectedly be charge a monthly subscription fee when you do not cancel the service. As there is a wealth of free content that is available, use a free template before venturing into the world of paid resumes.
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