Thursday, March 22, 2012

The secret meanings of buzzwords in job ads

or decades we have been aware of the term “buzzwords” and how important they are in job search.  Do you know what the “buzzwords” are really communicating in job advertisements? Are you reading between the lines or missing significant clues? To be fair, not all employers are up-to-date in verbiage or techniques to effectively advertise positions. Some tend to fall back on the same old language used decades ago.  The significant thing to note is that the intention of these words has changed over the years. And, many employers are using all the latest languaging techniques to attract the best candidates to their organizations. Being able to decode a job advertisement today is crucial for executives. Here is an example of some common words that show up in advertisements and what they are really saying:

– we are control freaks – your every move will be closely monitored.

Team player – take one for the team – work on whatever the boss demands.

Fast-paced work environment – you are going to work more hours than we will pay you.

Multitask – we may change your job description without telling you, and you will need to quickly prioritize initiatives and figure out which task is most important without reducing performance.

Self-starter – given no direction, pull direction of work out of thin air.

Results-oriented or self-motivated – must have incredible drive (motivated to work hard to make commission).

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  1. How about: "Perfect job for student" - if you are over 40 don't bother to send resume.

    Good article and,unfortunately, true.