Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Recruiters Lie When Rejecting You

By The Recruiting Animal

I was going to write about hiring managers being the dumbest people in the world but I decided to write about recruiters instead because, you know, they’re dumb, too.

I’ll often see a recruiter puffing up her chest online and strutting around bragging about how transparent she is with candidates.

So, then, I’ll ask her, “If the hiring manager rejected a candidate because he didn’t like her voice, would you tell her that? Imagine he said, ‘She’s very intelligent but if I had to listen to that all day, I’d shoot myself.’ Would you pass that on?”

Of course, the answer is always “No.” but you have to force them to admit it. They’ll say, “He thought you were very intelligent but it just wasn’t a match,” and try to claim that this is transparent.

What they usually mean when they say “transparent” is that you send an automated email to someone who applies to a job online telling them that their resume has been received. Then you send them another email when they have been rejected.

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