Thursday, March 14, 2013

In 10 Powerful Steps: Stand Out as a Job Seeker

by Brazen Careerist

Although the news assures us the economy is recovering, statistics show the job market in 2013 may be every bit as tough as the job market of 2012. With such fierce competition for desirable jobs…

What steps can you take to get noticed by recruiters?

These 10 tips will help you stand out from the sea of nameless, faceless job seekers, and get recruiters’ attention:

1. Garner a Reputation

Remember in high school, when your extracurricular activities were the key to getting noticed by colleges? The same principle applies here.

Get involved in your community. Volunteer for causes that are meaningful to you. Build a name for yourself and make your face known. Not only could it make a difference at the interview table, but this small step could create unforeseen networking opportunities down the road.

2. Learn a Language

The modern workplace has become ever more diverse and multilingual; broadening your language skills can only increase your value to a potential employer.

A second (or third) language not only sets you apart from the crowd; it also broadens the scope of where you can work. Learn to speak Spanish or another language that could be specifically useful in your chosen field or industry. If you already know another language, take the time to brush up while you’re on the job hunt.

3. Get on the Web

A good-looking Facebook profile is a start, but it’s not enough to get you noticed. Create a personal website that highlights your professional life and personality, showcases your unique skills and sells your brand. Just make sure the site looks professional and doesn’t contain anything potential employers might find distasteful. (As you already know, that goes for your Facebook profile and any other social media accounts, too)

Even better, create a “hire me” website specifically for your job search, maybe even targeted directly at the job or employer you want.

4. Add a Personal Touch

Don’t just email a resume and hope for the best. Add a unique and memorable aspect to how you approach each employer!

Create a complete application package according to their specifications… and then hand-deliver. Or find appropriate and welcome ways to network with people inside the company you want to work for. As long as you keep your actions professional and appropriate, a personal touch can go a long way toward getting someone to remember your name in that pile of resumes in their inbox.

5. Promote Yourself and Your Work

This is where that personal website might come in handy. Picking up freelance work or doing projects for family and friends will build your portfolio, even if it doesn’t build your bank account. Build up testimonials that show your work and your work ethic.

Word of mouth can travel fast… and is also a great way to update those skills.
Speaking of which…

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