Monday, September 23, 2013

21 Reasons Why You Didn't Get the Job

You aced it. Or at least you thought you did a stellar job during the job interview, but now that a month has come and gone, you're not so sure. You thought you would get at least a phone call a few days or even a week later regarding next steps, but now? Not so much. Insert crickets.

And now you have to face the music: You didn't get a shot at a final interview, let alone that coveted job offer. What went down? Let's look at various scenarios:

1. You talked too much/too little.

2. You appeared nervous and lacked confidence.

3. Your soft skills weren't so sharp.

4. Your technical skills weren't up to par...

5. Or they were too on point and you were deemed overqualified.

6. The hiring manager felt threatened by your sparkling skills and spot-on experience.

7. You were too vague and didn't illustrate examples when asked behavioral-based questions.

8. Not a cultural fit with the team and organization.

9. Too much of a fit - maybe you appeared overconfident.

Reasons 10 - 21 and the complete USNews article

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