Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Top 100 Websites For Your Career

Jacquelyn Smith

Last year we inaugurated our first-ever list of the best websites for your career. We took nominations from readers and combed through some 700 sites in order to compile our list of the top 75. This August we put out another call for nominations and got a flood of 2,000 comments, emails and tweets in response. Then we reviewed last year’s list and considered all of the new nominations. In the process we decided to expand our list to 100.

Our goal was to assemble a comprehensive guide to smart and engaging sites. We hope we’ve come up with a thorough list of online destinations for interns, job seekers, business owners, established professionals, retirees, and anyone else looking to launch, improve, advance, or change his or her career.

My colleague Susan Adams, who helped compiled the list, has written an accompanying post with her picks for the ten best sites from our list of 100. She reminds readers that while there are some great resources on the web, they shouldn’t spend too much time on the Internet scouring listings, reading career advice or blasting out their resume Especially for those in job search mode, it’s better to spend time researching companies, networking and meeting people face to face.

Our full list of the top 100 sites is not a ranking and there are no winners or losers; it’s rather a compilation of nominated sites that we believe deserve some special recognition. The list includes blogs, job boards, government sites, personal career coaching pages, and traditional media outlets’ career sites that could be useful to those conventional office jobs, Federal workers, work-from-home professionals, entrepreneurs, college students, retirees, and more.

Here are the Top 100 Career Websites of 2013 (in alphabetical order):

A Better Interview
A Better Interview was founded in 2012 by Marc DeBoer, who recognized a gap in the services provided by the major job searching and interview help sites. DeBoer believes that every job seeker deserves the chance to interview for his or her dream job—so through A Better Interview, he offers users the opportunity to speak live to a trained HR professional about interview skills, job searching methods, salary negotiation, tough interview questions, and background checks, among other things. The site also offers a job board currently featuring over 430,000 positions.’s Jobs & Careers section offers a wealth of free information to job seekers and those looking to advance their careers, including articles about everything from how to get along with your boss to illegal job interview questions. also links to other sites focused on specific careers like advertising or criminology that have articles on topics like copywriting or “a day in the life of a police officer.” Users can also read up on the history of various fields, find a list of schools where they can study for a particular degree, or peruse an article on the most popular jobs in a given field. The site links to job listings powered by Job search and employment expert Alison Doyle has been’s job search guide since 1998.

Absolutely Abby is written by Abby Kohut, a recruiter who has hired over 10,000 people in her 18-year HR career, and who is now a motivational speaker that teaches secrets of the job search process that other recruiters simply won’t tell you. On the website, you will also find articles and radio and TV clips that include Kohut’s secrets. She offers advice in a motivational tone which is intended to inspire job seekers to take action and believe that they can have success.

Blogging4Jobs is an online workplace resource for managers, leaders, human resources, and recruiting professionals.  They take their audience to “uncomfortable, yet necessary,” places exposing them to the realities of the workplace without the “corporate sugar coating.”  The site was launched in 2007 with a goal of helping job seekers learn the unwritten rules of job searching.  The site has since expanded to offer insights into the world of work from a corporate and operations no-nonsense point of view.

Boredom to Boardroom
Boredom to Boardroom is a unique new site for young professionals who need help fast tracking their careers and/or finding amazing corporate jobs. The site offers readers real-life stories, honest no-holds-barred advice, and sneaky tips that HR departments probably prefer to keep to themselves. is run by Kari Reston, a gen Y-er who reached senior management level by the time she was 29, climbing the corporate ladder in London, Singapore, and New York.

Brazen Life
Brazen Life is a lifestyle and career blog for ambitious young professionals. Hosted by Brazen Careerist, Brazen Life offers edgy and fun ideas for navigating and succeeding in the changing world of work. Through the blog’s newsletter, readers also get exclusive access to online recruiting events and inside job opportunities hosted by Brazen’s partners.

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