Thursday, September 5, 2013

Top 10 Recruiters Share How To Impress


Glassdoor recently published the winners of its inaugural Talent Warrior Awards, honoring this year’s most innovative and socially-savvy recruiters and HR professionals. These hiring pros are some of the best in the business, so we asked them what job
seekers can do to get noticed.

Below, you’ll find each Talent Warrior’s take on how to get on a recruiter’s radar and how to impress once you do. (See what else these Warriors think when it comes to the future of social recruiting.)

Arie Ball
VP Talent Acquisition, Sodexo

How would someone get on your radar?

I tend to notice professionals who are actively engaged in their profession, and contribute in a thoughtful way to discussions. Who can help but notice professionals with a true passion for their work, or for causes they believe in?

Was there a candidate that totally wow-ed you and if yes, how did they do it?

Yes, I met a very interesting executive search professional via social media. She reached out to me via Twitter to learn more about Sodexo. We set up a time to talk, and she asked questions about what it was like to work in a corporate environment. We talked about the differences between the search firm environment vs. the corporate recruiting environment. Over the next several months we had several conversations on various topics, and I was able to see her depth of knowledge and diversity of thought, and her genuine love of the profession. About a year later, when we had an opening in our Talent Acquisition Group, I immediately thought of her.

Carrie Corbin
Associate Director, Talent Attraction, AT&T

How would someone get on your radar?

For a smaller company, it’s easier to try to contact someone directly and circumvent the typical apply process. However, in larger organizations – following the recruitment process becomes more important and you can attract the wrong kind of attention by trying to get around it. For me, standing out would be creating a resume and/or work examples that clearly call out and QUANTIFY your experience and accomplishments that relate to the job you’re applying for. In media, marketing, or UX/IT? Look at creating an online portfolio of your work & including that link in your application/on your resume. Actual examples that showcase your awesomeness sell me and show me you’re the real deal.

Was there a candidate that totally wow-ed you and if yes, how did they do it?
I’m wowed when I see candidates take the same approach to branding themselves as I take to branding our business. Job seekers with cohesive messages about strengths, goals or overall work style show me they are thinking not about how to get hired or say the right thing, but about how to showcase a cohesive message and tell me something meaningful about themselves.

Carolyn Eiseman
Director, Employer Brand, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

How would someone get on your radar?
Social recruiting is a critical component of our hiring strategy, candidates can engage with us on any of our career social profiles. It is a great way to find a local recruiter, learn more about Enterprise, ask questions and ultimately fill out the required online application.

Was there a candidate that totally wow-ed you and if yes, how did they do it?
While we get significant engagement through our social career platforms, we would love to see more candidates interact in a more innovative way, such as using hash tags, or presenting a more unique look at the skills they can bring to Enterprise.

Steve Fogarty
Sr. Manager, Employer Branding & Digital Recruiting, Adidas Group

How would someone get on your radar?
Easily.  I’m all over the place on social, all you have to do is look.  If you join one of adidas Group’s career pages I’ll be there. Then show me you are a great fit for adidas Group!  And do the heavy lifting; find roles that are a fit for you.  Our jobs are posted, apply, then let me know why you are a great fit and I’ll pass it on to the right people.  That simple!

Was there a candidate that totally wow-ed you and if yes, how did they do it?

Candidates are getting more and more creative with getting attention.  I’ve been impressed with several candidates recently who have built infographics, videos and even full blown websites to convey their experience!  I’m a sucker for creative people with an awesome design sense.  But, this is not required to get the job.  Not everybody has these skills and we always go for the best person for the job.  As long as you are applying online and convey your experience, passion and goals clearly, you’ll have a fair shot at getting into the adidas Group.

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