Wednesday, November 6, 2013

5 Benefits of Finding Work Through a Temp Agency

Posted by Jeff Kells

Some people still have an outdated view of a temp job. They think that a temp job is something you take to make ends meet while you’re looking for a “real” job. That kind of thinking ignores the many benefits that a temp job can offer. If you’re considering a temp job, but can’t quite shake that old-fashioned viewpoint, here are some benefits of a temp job that may change your mind.

1. Take Charge of Your Time

Everyone has different demands put on their time. You may be a student, have family obligations, or just need some personal time before starting a long-term career. A temp job gives you the flexibility to work full- or part-time, without making any long-term commitments to an employer. Since you get to choose which assignments you take, you decide how much of your time is devoted to working, and how much is free for other obligations.

2. Keep Your Skills Sharp

Whether you’re taking time off for personal reasons, or having trouble finding the perfect job, blank periods on a resume look bad. A temp job lets you continue developing job skills and building your resume, all on your terms. When you do decide that the time is right to continue pursuing a long-term career, you won’t have blank spots on your resume holding you back.

3. Expand Your Network

Working a temp job gives you access to a huge number of professional contacts. Everyone from recruiters to employers can potentially help you advance your career. Even your coworkers and fellow temps can prove to be valuable resources. Just one or two temp jobs could provide you with the kind of contact list that other professionals spend decades putting together.

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