Monday, November 4, 2013

Will You Shine in a Job Interview? - Score Yourself - 9 Tips


In today's tough job market, good may not be good enough. Will you be stellar in a job interview? Rate yourself on each these:

1. Researching the boss and employer. For example, Google your boss, the organization and if appropriate, its products, services and competitors. But don't reveal too much during the interview. Having taken the time to learn a tremendous amount about the organization or boss can make you seem desperate, even creepy.
Your score from 0 to 15: ___

2. Planning for the compensation question. In many interviews, the candidate is asked, "What's your salary requirement?" Sure, you can try responding with, "What range have you budgeted for the position?" But often, you'll be forced to give your range.

To get an estimate of your fair market value, use websites such as, and, plus information from your colleagues. Adjust based on how good you'd be at the position and on how badly you want the job.
Your score from 0 to 15: ___

3. Looking the part. Dress one notch dressier than what you would wear on that job. Not sure what that is? Email or call the office and ask, "I'm coming in for a job interview for a position as X. I'm getting interviewed by Y. Any advice on what to wear?"
Your score from 0 to 10: ___

4. Having compelling yet honest answers ready for The Four Questions:
i. "Could you tell me about yourself?" In just one minute, you need to make clear why you'd be a great person for the job.

ii. "What's your greatest weakness? Some employers are now using a variation of that: "What do you suck most at?" The informality makes you more likely to respond honestly.

iii. "Could you tell me about a problem you solved?" You need a one-minute story that showcases how your skills, ability or drive would be valuable in your target job.

iv. The question you fear most. Of course, it's different for each applicant. Examples: "Why did you leave your previous employer?" "Why have you been unemployed so long?" Or it may be a technical question that would reveal that your skills for the job are marginal.  Your score from 0 to 20: ___

See your final score, what it means, and all 9 tips

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