Wednesday, December 4, 2013

9 Reasons You Didn't Get Called for the Second Job Interview

Jay Webb

One of the biggest grievances I hear from job seekers after they weren’t called back for a second interview, is the lack of constructive criticism or candid interview feedback. They feel as though the interview went well, often very well, yet they never hear from the person they spoke to or met with again.

Here are 9 reasons why you may not have been called back for the second interview:

  1. You did not answer the questions that were being asked. I think that some job seekers are participating in an entirely different interview than the one that’s actually taking place.
  2. You didn’t look the part or dress for the culture.  Research the culture of the company. Are they more conservative and traditional, or progressive and laid back? 
  3. Your hands were clammy and you gave an overall vibe of nervousness.  No matter how badly you want the position, you must and SHOULD remain cool—–assuming it’s not your first sales position.
  4. Poor hygiene. Pay attention to the details. Are your fingernails groomed properly? Do you have too much neck hair?  What about your breath?

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