Tuesday, September 22, 2020

5 buzzwords that cost the candidate the job, according to recruiters

 Una Dabiero

While business buzzwords like “synergy” feel very official while you’re typing them out, using certain popular terms and phrases can actually hurt your chances of getting hired, according to Jason Walker and Ian Scott, two recruiters cited by Seek.

Here are the five words that make them toss an application, why they’re especially peevish and what to say instead.


3. “Workaholic”

Despite popular belief to the contrary, no one wants to hire a workaholic. These folks are the most likely to burn themselves out, lash out and complain. In fact, most recruiters would prefer you speak to the boundaries you set for yourself and how you accomplish great things despite these boundaries. Instead of citing being a workaholic as your weakness at work, Seek suggests citing “a nice to have skill you could develop such as public speaking or not delegating enough.”

5. “Motivated by change”

While flexibility is, of course, a coveted skill, saying you’re “motivated by change” requires a thorough story. Otherwise, the claim falls flat — and sounds anything but interesting. Why? Of course, you’re motivated by change! You’re trying to make a big change right now, according to Scott.

“In my experience, many people become active job-seekers because they have experienced change,” he said.

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