Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hire My Friend Facebook Application

Everyone, at least almost everyone, is on Facebook and a lot of us spend a good amount of time there. What better way than to put Facebook to good use than to help your friends find a job? There's a new Facebook application - Hire My Friend - that lets you leverage the power of your network to help your job searching friends.

It's actually old fashioned networking (telling people you know about someone who needs a job) using the advantage of social media. Maybe, even probably, one of your friends knows someone who is hiring or has seen a job lead that might be a good fit or can recommend a company or refer your friend to one of their friends or to a LinkedIn connection.

After you add the Hire My Friend application, you answer a few questions about who your friend is, what they do, and what type of job they are looking for. You can include a link to their LinkedIn profile. Then your friend will be added to your profile. Your friends will be able to send a message to the job seekers or add them as a friend.

Do me a favor though, and before you use this, ask your friends if they want your help. Not everyone wants to publicize their job search on Facebook. Even though you mean well, you're not doing anyone a favor if you make their job search more public than they want it to be.

On a related note, there are lots of job search related iPhone apps, too. You can download job search iPhone apps that search for jobs by keyword and location (using the iPhone GPS function), email job listings, keep track of your contacts, and even create a resume.

Many iPhone applications are free. Before you buy an app, check for reviews in the iTunes store to make sure it's worth investing a few dollars.

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