Wednesday, January 13, 2010


2010 has arrived and I am seeing a pick up in searches for restaurant same store managers. A little movement at the multi – unit level and still nothing in hospitality construction. The recovery is on but in my mind not a strong gang busters one. Clients seem to be trading up on their managers. I don’t see them looking for new people as much as they are looking to replace non performers. Its an employer’s market and this is what that means for you the candidate.

First off clients are looking for a candidate with a long work history. If you have been in a series of jobs lasting one to two years forget about it. Clients what the people who have shown they can stick it out. People who are showing a solid four or five years with a company is what they want. They are also taking their time during the interview process. This allows them to really size up a candidate. There are some things you can do to shine however and here is the short list.
Do your homework!
Really know the company you are looking at before you interview. Visit their website. Gleen all you can about their history and and what promotions they are running.
Go to one of their restaurants.
Act as a “Secret Shopper” and go have lunch or dinner at one of their restaurants. See how stressed or not stressed the staff are. Watch the manager and how he or she interacts with the guests and the staff. Is the food good? It’s fun to be a fly on the wall!

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