Thursday, March 3, 2011

5 Hiring Process Myths You Need to Know

We’ve all heard myths about the hiring process…but how do you know what’s bologna and what’s fact? Let me dispel a few myths job seekers should be aware of:
Myth #1: All job openings are posted on job boards.
This is definitely not true! In fact, a lot of hiring managers and recruiters are hesitant to post an opening on a job board today, in fear that they’ll receive too many applications. A lot of jobs are filled in-house, through employee referrals or handpicking candidates from an existing talent pool, which is why networking is so crucial to your job search strategy.
Myth #2: No one will read your cover letter.
For each job you apply to, you need to create a tailored cover letter (and resume, for that matter) that specifically states why you’re the best fit for the job. I always read a candidate’s cover letter first thing, as it is supposed to pique my interest in moving on to your resume. Your cover letter gives you a unique opportunity to convey your passion for the job, along with a compelling story (or two) you’d like to share with the potential employer.
Myth #3: Simply applying to jobs will land you an interview.
You already know how tough today’s job market is. So why would you think merely applying to a job opening will get you an interview? You must be proactive in your job search in order to be considered for job openings. This includes following-up on applications you’ve sent in, networking with other professionals who can help you in your job search, and maintaining a positive presence online.

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