Thursday, March 17, 2011

Elite Tips for Job Searching on

With over 5 million job listings on, it might seem intimidating to rummage around that many jobs to find the ones that match your skills, background and interests. But never fear—we’re here to show how to find the jobs you’re looking for, using some elite job search tactics. So read on, young grasshopper...

Your entire job search is based around two fields: Keywords and Location. Simple right? Maybe. What you get out of our job search engine depends on what you put into it. Based on what you enter, you could have the most successful search ever, or you might not find a set of jobs that are a good fit.

Exact Phrase
To search for an exact phrase, put the phrase in quotations marks in the Keywords field. For example, a search of “Registered Nurse” will only return results with the phrase “Registered Nurse” anywhere within the listing. Searching the phrase without the quotation marks returns results for the words “Registered,” “Nurse” as well as “Registered Nurse”—meaning jobs like Registered Dietitian or Nurse Practitioner may appear in your search.

Exact Job Title (title:)
To search for a specific job title, write “title:” followed by the title you wish to search. If the title is more than one word, put the job title in quotation marks.
Example: title:“sales executive”

Exact Company Name (company:)
To search for a job at a specific company, type “company:” followed by the company name. As with job titles, if the company name is more than one word, place the company name in quotation marks.
Example: company:"Simply Hired"

Using AND, OR and NOT
Simply Hired supports the Boolean terms AND, OR, and NOT. Remember, these must be capitalized in order to work correctly.
Examples of use:
AND (returns results with both terms in job listing)
You’re looking for jobs that require writing and editing: writing AND editing
OR (returns results with either term in job listing)
You are looking for Manager or Supervisor jobs: Manager OR Supervisor
NOT (returns results with one term, while excluding those with other term)
You’re looking for engineering jobs, but not software engineering: title:engineer NOT software
Please note that use of the NOT term first requires a positive search term. A search for NOT "truck driver" is invalid and will not yield results.

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