Monday, August 1, 2011

Job Search Advice: How often do you check your spam filter?

by Phil Rosenberg

Spam filters are a funny thing.

Because sometimes they have a mind of their own … and sometimes they are wrong.

Spam filters attempt to read our minds, by learning what we don’t like. Plus, some email providers have their own rules that try to predict what should be considered spam. Usually, this works pretty well – But sometimes, either your own filter or the email providers’ rules can misclassify email you really want to see as spam.

It’s not that email providers have bad software – but it isn’t perfect.

So Mixed-in with all the Viagara ads, insurance offers, scam emails from Nigeria, penny stock offers, contests, free iPads, announcements that you won the Tasmanian lottery, and the emails that aren’t safe for work … are often one or two emails that can be important to you.

What if that important misclassified was … say, an invitation to interview? Questions from the hiring manager? Or a job offer?

How often do you check your spam filter? Most spam filters will automatically delete flagged emails every month, some every week.

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