Thursday, August 4, 2011

LinkedIn’s New Job Search Tool: How to Make the Most of It


Previously at On The Job, we’ve talked about how some people (namely, men) use LinkedIn more effectively than others (us ladies), and how all of us can improve our networking skills on the site. Now LinkedIn has a new tool in its bag that job seekers should know about.

The new development is the launch of an “Apply with Linkedin” button. Over 1,000 companies (including Netflix, TripIt, and Photobucket) have added the plug-in to their job listing pages. Once an applicant clicks on it, their LinkedIn info is sent to the company in lieu of a resume. Applicants are then reminded of professional connections that might help them get the gig. The “Saved Jobs” feature helps job seekers keep track of opportunities they’re being considered for. For hiring managers, the plug-in is free to download.

I met with Adam Nash, VP of Product Management at LinkedIn, and asked him 5 questions about the new product. Here’s what he shared:

1. What is the first thing a job applicant should do to get started with Apply with LinkedIn?
The first thing applicants should do to get started is ensure their profiles are complete and up-to-date. In a recent [LinkedIn-commissioned] survey, nearly a quarter of respondents [said they] update their resumes less than once a year.

2. How can you make the most of this new product?
Remember, most employers search LinkedIn by keyword, so be sure to fill in the details of your responsibilities and achievements for each of your positions. Also, leverage your connections. Once you submit via the Apply with LinkedIn button, you will then be prompted with relevant professional connections at the company, and have the opportunity to immediately send them a LinkedIn message. Important stat: our research shows that applicants with referrals are seven times more likely to get hired.

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