Tuesday, October 16, 2012

25 Social Media Tips from Recruiters

Social Media and social networking is no new concept in the job search space.  Depending on who you ask – you’ll receive varying tips to build your network and possibly land a job.

Some of the advice is good, but as one Recruiter shared, “Don’t listen to all the bad advice out there – if it seems crazy it’s because it is”.

At a Minnesota Recruiters event a week ago, we asked Recruiters to identify useful tips for job seekers when they are leveraging social media in their job search.

We compiled the list into the following 25 bite-size tips:
  1. Use social media as a vehicle, not a substitute for an in-person interaction
  2. Remember your audience and that social doesn’t necessarily mean casual
  3. Engaging in social shouldn’t be a one-way communication or conversation
  4. Don’t fall for all the fads.  It’s likely you won’t find your next job browsing Pinterest, although some of the worst recruiting consultants make it seem like a viable channel to be found
  5. Pick one or two social sites and be active.  It’s also important to have your profile and any links on other static sites that you do not visit as frequently
  6. Use the right keywords in order to be found
  7. Have a Skype account, make the offer to conduct a digital interview or ask if the company uses a video interviewing service
  8. Post industry content on the social sites and be focused
  9. Don’t be afraid to reach out to employers directly via social sites
  10. Your social presence is your personal brand – protect it

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