Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10 Job Search Mistakes That Will Keep You Unemployed

by Glassdoor

Like work itself, the job search can be stressful and riddled with anxiety. In turn, we tend to make mistakes that extend our hunt for that next gig… and keep us unemployed much long than necessary.
Avoid these 10 common job search mistakes, and keep your job search, and career, on track:

1. Lying on Your Resume

While a resume is a marketing piece and you do not have to disclose every detail of your career history, you still must not lie. For example, do not fudge dates or titles and do not exaggerate your quantified statements.

4. Not Sending a Proper Follow-up Thank You

After an informational interview, one-on-one meeting or mentor meeting, sending a thank you note shows you respect and appreciate the fact that the person you met with took time out of his or her busy schedule to speak with you. See #3.

5. Showing Up Late for a Job Interview

This can only get worse if you then make up a lame excuse as to why you were delayed.

8. Complaining on Social Media
Stop posting that you are frustrated with your job search, are mad at the world and that you were treated unfairly, once again.

All 10 job search mistakes and the full article

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