Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Get A Job When You're Over 50 - 10 Tips

1) Pull yourself through the transition period.

Many older workers feel it's their turn to take it easy if they've been laid off after a long time at one job. This can lead to depression. Let yourself go through that stage, but do make sure to move forward.

2) Overcome the notion that you are out of the loop.

Just because you worked in the same job for many years doesn't mean the world has left you behind.

3) Use the "seven stories" approach.
Make a list of seven achievements you're proud of. This will help you build self-esteem and clarify your skills and values.        

4) Let people know you're looking.

One of the first steps of a job search if you're over 50 and have been unemployed for a while is telling people you are seriously looking for work.   

See all 10 tips and the complete Forbes article  


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