Monday, October 21, 2013

Back to Basics: 11 Tips to Help You Ace the Interview

by Campus to Career

Your resume impressed, and you did well in your phone screen. You’ve made it to the face-to-face interview. You’ve set yourself apart from other candidates and showed you have the potential a recruiter looks for in a future employee.

The next step (notice I didn’t say “last step” – there’s a little more after this) is to pass the in-person interview. To do just that, follow these 11 time-tested tips…


Research | Know the company inside and out. Study up on their corporate culture, your fit within, and focus on what you can bring to them to make the company better.

Respect | Treat the receptionists, assistants, custodians, EVERYBODY with respect. You never know who your interviewers will ask about your behavior after you leave. Simply be courteous.

During the Interview

Answer the Questions | Know some of the basic interview questions that will be asked. Be truthful. Provide concise, real-world examples with quantifiable results. The more you display your analytical skills, the better. Show the impact of your leadership.

After the Interview

Know the Timeline | As the interview ends, it is appropriate to ask what the hiring timeline looks like for that specific position. Ask them when you can follow up.

All 11 Tips and the complete article

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