Friday, June 13, 2014

15 Resume Tips from a Tough Hiring Manager

by Sean McGinnis

For a large portion of my career, I’ve served as a hiring manager. In that role, I’ve reviewed an estimated five thousand resumes, perhaps more.

I’ve hired sales people, tech experts, managers, marketing people and editors. While my experience may not be as extensive as some long-time HR professionals, odds are pretty good that I’ve seen many more resumes than the average guy.

Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on how to build a successful resume. My tips cover 20 recommendations, broken down across three categories: design, audience and other stuff (including a few pet peeves):

Resume Design

1. Use White Space Liberally

Going through a three inch thick pile of resumes makes you immediately appreciate the ones that are easy to read. Do not under any circumstances present a resume with quarter inch margins or less. The goal of building a resume is not to just jam one sheet of paper with information, but to present your qualifications in a readable and professional manner.

The Audience

5. Be Sure You Are at Least 80% Qualified

Please… make sure you’re qualified for the position. Pay close attention to the job description and requirements. I know you want to apply for the job that would be just a bit of a stretch assignment. Just be sure it’s not too much of a stretch.

Applying for positions you are not qualified for wastes both our time. Also, applying for any job that has “xyz” word in it just because it was recommended to you by your automated job search agent is rarely a good idea. Research the position and company to ensure a reasonable chance of a good fit.

Miscellaneous (Including Personal Pet Peeves)

8. Keep it Reasonably Short

One page preferred. Personally, I’m OK with two pages, so long as your experience warrants it. However, there is no reason to submit a six page resume. Ever.

9. Create a Professional E-mail Address

Ensure the first part of your e-mail address is “flattering”. You don’t want to submit a resume that with an e-mail address of Every little thing matters. Pay attention to the details.

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